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Public Rights of Way

Public Rights of Way provide rights of access for the public to travel over private land and include footpaths, bridleways and byways both in rural and urban areas.

Ordnance Survey maps are useful but they are not always up to date and you should check your planned route is shown on the Definitive Map (legal record) if at all unsure. You can view the East Riding of Yorkshire’s definitive map and use it to plan a route on the Walking the Riding page of . You will also find 100’s of suggested routes already listed and information about other ways to access the countryside. You can contact us at

There are four main types of public right of way (footpaths being the most common) and which ones you are permitted to use will depend on whether you are walking, cycling, riding or using a motor vehicle. Here is a helpful guide.

Public Footpath (yellow arrows) Walkers only


Public Bridleway (blue arrows) Walkers, cyclists & horse riders only

Byway (red arrows) Walkers, cyclists, horse riders, carriage drivers & vehicles

Restricted Byway (plum arrows) Walkers, cyclists, horse riders & carriage drivers

Please do not cycle on public footpaths as this can result in; civil trespass, surface damage, conflict with other users or landowners and could pose a hazard to other users.

Always respect the rights and livelihoods of the landowners whose land you may pass through and keep to the public right of way. You can find helpful advice about using public rights of way and how to behave responsibly in the countryside on the Ramblers webpage and in the Countryside Code.